For Landlords

Let us find and manage the tenants for you

    "I LOVE This way of managing my properties. So good."


    Bill Newsum
    CPT Landlord


    Do you spend a lot of time with admin?

    -We will take care of it all:
    - Finding a suitable tenant (s)
    - Contracting
    - Rental collection
    - All communication

    The Process Flow

    For ONLY 3% we give you all the support you could possibly need >

    From advertising, to finding the tenant, to background and credit checks, to contracting, to deposit and rental collection to daily communications - we will do it ALL!

    We Manage Everything

    No setup fees
    No monthly fees
    Reduced tenant turnover
    No more late rental payments
    Reduced vacancy
    Reduced property damage

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    Tel: 021 551 7440